September 27, 2023
Our top tips for how (and why) to speak to your GP about period pain and get the support your need.
September 11, 2023
Menstrual Cycle Support becomes an official member of the National Academy of Social Prescribing Innovation Network (England).
June 7, 2023
Our free Menstrual Cycle Support course on social prescription has been listed as a key resource on the UK's PMDD Research Agenda, published by the University of the West of Scotland, written by Lynsay Matthews and Julie Riddell.
May 31, 2023
We celebrate International Menstrual Health Day (28 May) by launching our free online Referral Directory listing all of the Primary Care Networks across the UK who are actively referring patients to our free course on social prescription.
April 28, 2023
Our founder, Kate Shepherd Cohen, has been interviewed by the BBC about Menstrual Cycle Support for mental health. The interview was released in time for #PMDDawarenessmonth
April 14, 2023
Social prescribers from 50 Primary Care Networks (over 150 GP surgeries) in the UK are now actively referring their patients to our free Menstrual Cycle Support eLearning Course on social prescription thanks to our ongoing Healthcare Outreach Campaign.
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