November 17, 2022
We're thrilled to announce that female-led digital marketing and social strategy agency, Juniperus, have come on board as a partner/sponsor of the Menstrual Cycle Support Course. Juniperus are passionate US-based social change activists and advocates with a focus on diversity and equality.
November 10, 2022
One month following our launch at the House of Lords, Menstrual Cycle Support are proud to announce that we have partnered with accredited NHS England Health Services Supplier, Meaningful Measures Ltd, to help pioneer menstrual health data research/analysis and keep leading the change in mainstream menstrual healthcare.  
October 20, 2022
Menstrual Cycle Support has become a CPD - Continuing Professional Development - Member and is putting its online free Menstrual Cycle Support Course through the rigorous assessment provided by The CPD Certification Service, used by NHS England, University of Oxford and National Autistic Society, among others.
October 10, 2022
The first menstrual support to be available through all GP surgeries in the UK on social prescription is announced in Parliament on Monday. The Menstrual Cycle Support Course, a peer-reviewed and clinically backed online course, is a free multimedia program that aims to reduce menstrual suffering, long diagnosis times, and improve GP appointments.