Pioneering menstrual health & education

Menstrual Cycle Support's mission is to ease menstrual suffering. Our clinically-backed, menstrual health course is the first globally to be available through GPs on social prescription.

Menstrual Education - for all

Trusted. Accessible. Relatable

We work with established UK referral pathways

Primary, secondary & allied health care

NHS-Approved Menstrual Health Research

Kate Shepherd Cohen - Founder

Award-winning menstrual health pioneer

Kate calls herself a 'menstrualist' and the global menstrual movement, 'menstrualism'

Meet the rest of the team

Rosaria Marraffino

Instructional Design

Neelam Heera

Equality Diversity Inclusivity Consultant

Gani Naylor

Film & Facilitation

Trudi Holden

Campaign Outreach Consultant

Clinical and Research Advisory Board

Dr Stewart Smith

Senior Partner GP (Primary care social prescribing specialist)

Kate Williamson

Osteopath (allied health professions) & Healthcare Outreach Consultant

Michael Dooley

NHS Consultant Gynaecologist (secondary care), Fellow of the RCOG

Amy McKeown

Mental Health Strategist

Dr Helena Tucker

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Gemma Sharp

Associate Professor of Reproductive & Mental Health Epidemiology

Advisory Board

James Harrison

Tech Entrepreneur

Clare Shephard

Tech Communications

Dr Richard Pratt

GP and Health Tech Specialist

Thomas Podkolinski


Simon Cohen

Brand & Communications

Jennifer Parkin

Systemic Change Specialist

Clinical and Professional Input

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