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We've created a service to help patients manage period pain & menstrual suffering, on social prescription referral - now available in over 500 surgeries UK wide

For anyone struggling with their menstrual cycle

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This new offering of menstrual cycle group support through social prescription is thoroughly innovative and empowering. I’d like to see it in every surgery in England and across the UK.

Dr Michael Dixon, Chairman of Social Prescribing Institute, and Chair of the College of Medicine

What I just learned in the 45 minutes of the Menstrual Cycle Support course was exactly what I needed and I feel so hopeful that I will be able to cope with my up and down feelings & pain so much better.

Kirsty, participant

Having a wide range of high quality referral options is key so we are thrilled to now be able to offer menstrual support through social prescribing.

Hayley Burgoyne, Head of Social Prescribing, St Austell Healthcare

Supporting patients to produce a clear cycle diary can inform patients sufficiently to manage their problems themselves. If these problems prove too much to cope with then the exercise would also assist communication with their healthcare provider. Documentation can lead clinicians to an earlier diagnosis or a more effective management plan. This would help both the health system and women.

I think that menstrual cycle awareness on social prescription has the potential to be a great asset, advancing the lives of patients and the work of healthcare professionals.

National Women's Health Specialist and Executive Director of Primary Care Women's Health Forum (PCWHF), Dr Sarah Gray

This free course is badly needed, especially at this time when the pandemic has put such a strain on finances. It’s reassuring that GPs can refer to a support course, other than just giving prescription drugs

Zoe, patient

Anything we can do to empower the women in our communities, especially from the most disadvantaged ones, is really important.

Dr Stewart Smith, Primary Care Network Lead, St Austell Healthcare