Clinically-backed support to manage menstrual symptoms

Our free online course can support you to understand, reframe and even embrace every day of your menstrual cycle, regardless of period problems.

Beyond Pills & Procedures

We've designed the course to ease menstrual cycle symptoms and support you with your healthcare appointments, in conversations at work, in education and at home.

Manage period pain and gain control over your cycle

Access anywhere, any time

Cycle after cycle

"This new course builds on the ambitions set out in our Women’s Health Strategy to ensure women have access to accurate information about their health and are empowered to seek help if they need to – whether that’s from healthcare professionals, their employer or their family and friends"

The Women’s Health Ambassador, Professor Dame Lesley Regan

"We know that many women suffer with physical and mental symptoms during their menstrual cycle, such as pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The stigma surrounding periods also often acts as a barrier to them accessing support. The Menstrual Cycle Support course is a vital step to increase the availability of reliable, accurate information about periods to women and girls."

Dr Edward Morris, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

"This free course is badly needed, especially at this time when there's such a strain on finances.  It’s reassuring that GPs can refer to a support course, other than just giving prescription drugs"

Zoe Davies, participant

"This is vital for women’s health in the UK. For an issue that affects so many people, and so many relationships, it has received too little attention. This course will help turn the tide of suffering by giving women and others who menstruate an opportunity to understand, chart and change their experience for the better."

The Baroness Newlove, Deputy Speaker in the House of Lords

Support before, after, and between healthcare appointments

Thrive with your cycle

Thrive with life

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