Menstrual Cycle Support Course for Teens

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You may have been referred to this course by your teacher, school nurse or GP; a friend or parent may have recommended you do it; or, perhaps, you’ve simply signed yourself up.

We are all on our own journey and this course supports the choices that each individual makes to come into a more positive relationship with their menstrual cycle.

You are welcome, all of you.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

In this short four-step course we’re offering a simple mindful practice called Menstrual Cycle Awareness, which is a way of understanding and ‘tuning in’ to our phase and day of our menstrual cycle, every day, and ways to notice our unique cyclical patterns.

By the end of this course, which is designed as both a well-being tool and an information resource, we hope you will feel empowered during every day of your menstrual cycle and be able to get additional support, should you need it.

A note on inclusivity

This course is designed to be inclusive of anyone with a menstrual cycle (or anyone who feels they are close to getting their first period, aged 13yrs+). This also includes anyone with irregular or missing periods, those on the pill or other hormonal contraception (even though hormonal contraption normally stops your menstrual cycle).

We are committed to continuously improving accessibility to the course, however, if you have a learning disability or autism, you may wish to ask for support from an adult to take the course.

You don’t need to identify as a girl or woman to take this course – we do not use gendered language in the content.

Please read our teen course FAQs for further specific questions on accessibility / inclusivity.

Meet the presenters

The course is presented by five different people: Eulogeo (above and Step Three), Meg (Intro), Chantai (Step One); Amy & Kate (Step Two) and Becky (Step Four). You can read more about the presenters here.

Designed for teenagers, with teenagers

The course is evidence-informed and clinically-backed and has been co-designed with teenagers from across the UK and was created by Menstrual Cycle Support, in partnership with menstrual health charity Endometriosis UK. The practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness was originally developed by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlizer at The Red School.

Read more about what the course teaches and why; the source of the course teachings and evidence-base, as well as our work with clinicians, teenagers and schools to develop the course.

Worried about something?

If you are experiencing severe pain, emotional distress or heavy menstrual bleeding on a regular basis, which affects your ability to function and/or go to school/college/work or if you are worried about anything related to your physical or emotional wellbeing or your menstrual cycle, please speak to someone, as soon as possible.

Feedback on course?

We welcome your feedback, please email us.


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What Will You Learn?

  • A simple mindful practice called Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA)
  • A relatable language to describe the menstrual cycle
  • Menstrual cycle science: simplified
  • Different charting & tracking methods & how to notice your unique patterns
  • How to evidence your experience at the GP, with parents, teachers and friends.
  • Red flags to watch out for and what to do if you're concerned
  • How to dream into what you need during your period and how to make that dream a reality (guided visualisation).

Course Content

Questionnaire (2 mins)
Please complete the anonymous 2 min questionnaire, it will help you to you to think about what concerns you have around your menstrual cycle (and if the course helps or not) and your anonymous answers will enable us to better understand your needs and continuously improve the course to support teens with a menstrual cycle.

  • Questionnaire

Intro: What is the menstrual cycle?! (3 mins)
A brief intro to how the menstrual cycle can be a powerful tool to help us live well.

Step One (Learning): What phase am I? (15 mins)
We're learning about the different phases in the menstrual cycle and how we can accept and prepare for each of them.

Step Two (Practicing) – What day am I? (10 mins)
We're practicing a simple technique to understand how every day of the cycle is important.

Step Three (Reflecting) – What’s my cycle doing? (10 mins)
We're going to reflect on how - through understanding each day - we can begin to notice daily patterns, cycle after cycle, and adapt our life to support our menstrual cycle and our menstrual cycle to support our life.

Step Four (Dreaming) – What does my cycle need? (5 mins)
We are dreaming into a 'blissful bleed' and how achieving even a seed or 1% of that dream could make a positive impact on the rest of the cycle.

Final Questionnaire (2 mins)
Please complete the final anonymous 2 min questionnaire. Your answers will help you to see if the course has made a difference to your wellbeing and will help us to understand our participants so we can continuously improve the course.

Recap and Certification
A brief summary of each step and how to download your certificate.

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